Welcome to freshcode.  This website provides information on the services of Peter Leong, professional software developer.

What's in a name?
freshcode alludes to my specialty in writing new software.  In particular, I get your projects off to a great start.  If you're thinking of rewriting your product or exploring an idea for a new application think of me and this website.

What is a great start?
I specialize in modern software development practices which embrace the fact that developing software is quite unpredictable.  Software must remain malleable throughout the development process; it must be able to adapt to newly discovered requirements.  Also important is balancing the trade-off between short-term and long-term benefits.  In my experience, a long-term perspective pays off a lot sooner than expected when compared with the overhead incurred with focusing on short-term benefits.

Why choose me?
I'll be up front about this; I enjoy developing new software.  Mostly because incorporating good practices at the start of a project is far easier and more effective than trying to add them once the project is under way.  Benefits include faster development, greater reliability of the product and lower maintenance costs.

The majority of work as a programmer is extending and maintaining existing projects.  I consider launching projects a privilege and can offer incentives in order to secure such work.  Remember also that dealing directly with software developers will minimize costs.

Next Step
If you're interested in knowing more please email contact1@freshcode.biz
Or peruse a one page summary of my professional skills.

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